Hardware Reinvented

We transform server hardware to power Cryptocurrency miners, which maintain Blockchains.

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we support the computer industry

Secure Asset Recovery, Maximize Value From Data Center Decommissioning. Contact us Today.

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Deep cycle batteries | Li-ion Cell

Involved in Alternative Energy since 1999, we know batteries are the heart of your system.

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Founded in 1995, Centrix International is a worldwide distributor of computer components. Our customers include familiar names such as Dell, Microsoft,... LEARN MORE
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We can provide high-quality, small scale production at competitive pricing. We manufacture most of the products we offer. We work directly with smaller factories, locally and overseas, bypassing all middlemen. Additionally, we have people on the ground in order to maintain quality. Those two key points are crucial for keeping costs low.     Contact…

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Generate Revenue from Excess Inventory. Are you looking to turn end-of-life or excess inventory quickly? We provide flexible surplus inventory management solutions in even the most challenging of markets. We transform components into new products for fresh applications. A server power supply become the heart of a lighting controlled system during the Holiday’s   A…

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Over the years we have established relationships across the world with some of the largest, and also the smallest, companies. We’ve successfully sourced components which others claimed were impossible to locate. Let us know your procurement requirements and we will discreetly start sourcing it for you. Contact Us.

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Consignment programs | Partnering with your organization, we take “consignment” of excess inventory. Materials are then remarketed through our global sales channels with proceeds returned via a mutually agreed upon shared revenue program. Contact Us.

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Pandemic COVID-19

We will remain open and will be processing all orders during the “Stay At Home Order” issued today March 19th, 2020 by the Governor of California. In light of the pandemic COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus, there could be delays in shipments but our commitment to all our customers is to provide you with the…

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Mars: Money and Colonization

The habitability of Earth is not guaranteed and humanity needs a back-up plan to ensure our survival. While not everyone agrees that Earth is doomed, there is no harm in planning for the future. Although the Moon is the closest object in space to Earth, some people have their sights set on a red planet…

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DPS-2400AB A: The Revolutionary Server Power Supply

Delta’s DPS-2400AB A 2400 watt server power supplies have left a mark on the cryptocurrency mining world! These 12.5-volt units were originally up for grabs after a custom order was canceled, leaving Delta with surplus stock. Delta discontinued the never released to public PSU. Most of the unused units made their way into Centrix International’s…

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