About Us

Founded in 1995, Centrix International is a worldwide distributor of computer components. Our customers include familiar names such as Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Raytheon, Boeing, Intel Corporation, Northrop Grumman, and –more locally– (JPL) Jet Propulsions Laboratory and (Caltech) California Institute Of Technology. We have sold to colleges from coast to coast, to countless resellers here and abroad, and to a number of government agencies.

We are a global, independent distributor of electronic components and hardware. Our products include semiconductors, integrated circuits, and electronic hardware. We serve the electronics industry and support manufacturers in the disposition and sourcing of components.
Our constant focus on our customers and the commitment to innovate, have made us a leading source for component and hardware distribution services for OEM’s and CEM’s worldwide.

The technology industry is constantly changing and creating excess. We specialize in the purchase and RE-marketing of OEM excess inventory and surplus technology products. Need help with some of your inventory? Contact us today.


CEO Founder Joseph.G | “Over the years we’ve been at the forefront of technology.  However great these innovations were, I feel the impact of Blockchain Tech will exceed them all and it’s happening now.”