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19March 2020

Pandemic COVID-19

We will remain open and will be processing all orders during the “Stay At Home Order” issued today March 19th, 2020 by the Governor of California. In light of the pandemic COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus, there could be delays in shipments but our commitment to all our customers is to provide you with the…

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25March 2019

Mars: Money and Colonization

The habitability of Earth is not guaranteed and humanity needs a back-up plan to ensure our survival. While not everyone agrees that Earth is doomed, there is no harm in planning for the future. Although the Moon is the closest object in space to Earth, some people have their sights set on a red planet…

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DPS-2400AB A 18March 2019

DPS-2400AB A: The Revolutionary Server Power Supply

Delta’s DPS-2400AB A 2400 watt server power supplies have left a mark on the cryptocurrency mining world! These 12.5-volt units were originally up for grabs after a custom order was canceled, leaving Delta with surplus stock. Delta discontinued the never released to public PSU. Most of the unused units made their way into Centrix International’s…

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12March 2019

J.P. Morgan Chase Backs Blockchain Technology with New Cryptocurrency: JPM Coin

J.P. Morgan Chase has announced that they will create a cryptocurrency JPM Coin to be used on their site. The news itself doesn’t seem all that important. That is, until you consider how strongly J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon felt against cryptocurrencies. Most notably, he has spoken out against the largest cryptocurrency:…

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20November 2018

Capitalizing on the Available Blockchain Benefits

Recent Blockchain Benefits in Real World Situations In the crypto and blockchain community, large transactions simply do not go unnoticed. Binance, a crypto exchange, caught the attention of several crypto-enthusiasts in past weeks when they moved funds to cold wallets for long-term storage in multiple transactions. These transactions are notable only because they are prime…

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