IBM 800GB Intel SSD DC S3500 Series 6GB/s 00AJ036 SSDSC2BB800G4I


800GB Intel SSD DC S3500 Series 6GB/s

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IBM 800GB Intel SSD DC S3500 Series 6GB/s 00AJ036 SSDSC2BB800G4I

The 800GB Intel SSD DC S3500 is designed for data center applications such as in cloud computing, web hosting and other read-intensive environments, and the drive features an in-house controller, 20nm MLC NAND, and form factors at both 2.5″ and 1.8″. The DC S3500 is the latest SSD in Intel’s new line while its sibling, is designed for the mainstream and high-performance enterprise market segments. These SATA 6Gb/s interfacing drives both take on the new four-digit naming convention Intel is incorporating to give more clarity and distinction to which drives belong to which category (consumer, pro, enterprise).

Organizations and consumers alike have come to expect a high level of quality, reliability and support from Intel, which helps to delineate the boundary between Intel drives and others in the space. During our recent visit to Intel’s Folsom, CA labs, we were able to experience the quality testing up close and were impressed with what we saw. Intel also distances itself from the competition when it comes to components – a key area that enables Intel to deliver upper-echelon quality. Intel’s SSDs utilize Intel’s own proprietary NAND and controller technology as well as in-house engineered software. Intel’s model gives them particularly strong insight into support for drives on top of the ability to better drive performance. Hardware-wise, the S3500 utilizes 20nm MLC versus 25nm eMLC on the S3700, though Intel is integrating the same controller that provided robust performance with the S3700 – we expect similar results.

On that note, within its class, the S3500 offers solid performance figures with 4k random specs quoted at up to 75,000 IOPS read and 15,500 IOPS write. The spec for the S3500’s latency is also strong, coming in just behind the S3700 at 50 μs for read activity and 65 μs for write activity (S3700, 45μs/65μs), though with the exact same highly predictable response times with latencies of <500μs for 99.9% of the time.

The DC S3500 is also designed to meet a variety of space-constrained applications, shipping in both 1.8″ and 2.5″ form factors. The standard 2.5″ drive is available in 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 240GB, 300GB, 480GB, 600GB and 800GB capacities. The 1.8″ form factor is available in 80GB, 240GB, 400GB and 800GB capacity points. Each drive supports full data path protection, AES 256-bit encryption, power loss protection for in-flight data, and very low power consumption. Intel rates power consumption at just 650mW at idle, 1.3W during read activity and 5W during writes (typical).

IBM 800GB Intel SSD DC S3500 Series Specifications


  • Product Collection: Intel SSD DC S3500 Series
  • Code Name: Products formerly Wolfsville
  • Capacity: 800 GB
  • Status: Discontinued
  • Launch Date: Q2’13
  • Lithography Type: 20 nm


  • Sequential Read (up to): 500 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 450 MB/s
  • Random Read (100% Span): 75000 IOPS
  • Random Write (100% Span): 11500 IOPS
  • Latency – Read: 50 µs
  • Latency – Write: 65 µs
  • Power – Active: 5W
  • Power – Idle: 0.9W


  • Vibration – Operating: 2.17 GRMS (5-700 Hz) Max
  • Vibration – Non-Operating: 3.13 GRMS (5-800 Hz) Max
  • Shock (Operating and Non-Operating): 1,000 G (Max) at 0.5 msec
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C
  • Endurance Rating (Lifetime Writes): 450 TBW
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 2,000,000 Hours
  • Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER): 1 sector per 10^17 bits read

Package Specifications

  • Weight: 72 grams ± 2 grams
  • Form Factor: 2.5″ 7mm
  • Interface: SATA 3.0 6Gb/S

800GB Intel SSD Advanced Technologies

  • Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection: Yes
  • Hardware Encryption: AES 256 bit
  • High Endurance Technology(HET): No
  • Temperature Monitoring and Logging: Yes
  • End-to-End Data Protection: Yes
  • Intel Smart Response Technology: No
  • Intel Rapid Start Technology: No

Part numbers: 00AJ036, 00AJ039, 00AJ035, SSDSC2BB800G4I

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