Dual wall insulation Battery Cable Black / Black 2/0 AWG 3/8 inch Lugs. – Made in USA


Battery Cable Series Interconnect with ring terminals and heatshrink. Black heatshrink on one end and black heatshrink on the other end for use as a series battery cable. The lugs are 3/8 inch studs, non-insulated, closed end for corrosion resistance, tin plated ring terminals. 2/0 Gauge Heavy Duty solar cable. Ultra flexible & made with fine stranded 100% tinned copper wire. Dual wall insulation XLPE black color. UL 1232/1283/1346, 600V -40~+90 Celsius. Use for battery and Inverter inter connect.


Dual wall insulation XLPE Jacket with Electron beam cross-linked

Heavy Duty Battery Cable Black / Black 2/0 AWG 3/8 inch. Compared with LLDPE, XLPE electrical characteristics reduce life-cycle operating losses. Shield losses due to circulating currents go down by approximately 2 percent, which brings energy costs down. XLPE also offers better mechanical characteristics. While typical wind installations of XLPE are direct buried, some applications require MV cable in duct. When used in a duct application, XLPE has a lower coefficient of friction for easier, faster pulling. XLPE s higher abrasion-resistance can also reduce potential cable damage during installation.

Product Details

Insulation Material XLPE
Type High Current
Application Solar PV System, Deep Cycle Battery Inter Connect, Inverter Inter Connect
Conductor Material Tinned copper 100%
Jacket XLPE
Size PV Cable 16mm2, 2/0 , 5/8, 0.625
Color Black
Conductor Tinned 100% copper
Insulation Halogen Free Cross Linked Polylefin (XLPE)
Strand design 224×0.3mm

Solar cable 16mm2 or 2/0 AWG

  • Dual wall insulation. XLPE Electron beam cross-linked
  • Resistance to U.V, oil, greases, oxygen and ozone
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity
  • Ultra Flexibility and stripping performance
  • High current carrying capacity 225amp +
  • TUV approved / UL approved
Wire: Class 5, Tinned Copper 100% UV resistant
Insulation material: XLPE High wear and abrasion resistance
Double insulated Flame test according to :DIN EN 20265-2-1, UL1571(VW-1)
Halogen-free Smallest permissible Bending Radius : 5 x D
Resistance against oil, greases, oxygen, ozone Temperature range: -40~+90 Celsius degree
Micode- resistant Colors: Black


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions N/A



Connector 1

Black Ring Terminal

Connector 2

Black Ring Terminal

Cable Length

2 Foot (60.96cm), 3 Foot (91.44cm), 4 Foot (121.92cm), 5 Foot (152.4cm), 10 Foot (304.8cm)

Insulated Material


Cable Size

16mm2 2/0 AWG

Cable Material

100% Tinned copper

Strand design




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