15A Solar Panel PV MC4 in-Line Fuse Holder w/ Fuse Photovoltaic Connectors 1000V

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Original Slocable product. Compatible with PV cables with different insulation diameters, designed for a wide range of DC applications Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed with inner-knob type, Simple Plug & Play Auto-lock equipment of male and female points render connections easy and reliable, Simply install fuse holder at any MC4 junction in your wiring system
Waterproof: IP67 Class Protection and high current-carrying capacity.

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This product is a 15A fuse embedded in a waterproof fuse holder and features MC4 connector cables on each end. This MC4 Connector compatible fuse holder + fuse is designed to provide over-current protection for solar arrays.


15A MC4 Solar In-Line Fuse Holder Waterproof w/ Fuse
Rated Current: 15A
Rated Voltage: 1000 V DC
Fuse Can Replace
Insulation Material: PPO
Net Weight: 53g
Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 In
Test Voltage: 6000V (50Hz,1 min)
Degree of Protection: IP2*/IP67
Suitable Connector: MC4 Connector
Contact Resistance of Plug Connector:1m?
Insertion Force / Withdrawal Force: ?50N / ?50N
Contact Material: Copper, Silver Plated
Connection type: MC4 adapter (it is very convenient)
Operation Temperature range: -40 to +125 Cel. Degrees

Package Included:

  • (1) Fuse Photovoltaic Connectors

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